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Current Promo Offers - January 2020

Unreliable Offers

20% off all Kirschbaum strings Coupon (to 27th Jan)
20% off all of our Weiss Cannon strings Coupon (to 20th Jan)
Wilson Revolve 1.30mm Packet only £3.49! (to 17th Jan)
Head Graphene Touch Speed Squash Racket now £67.50! (to 17th Jan)
22.5% Off Yonex Poly Tour Spin 200M Reel Coupon (to 13th Jan)
30% off Ytex Strings Coupon (to 13th Jan)
An extra 20% off clothing and footwear! Coupon (to 13th Jan)
10% off Ashaway badminton rackets Coupon (to 13th Jan)
20% off Ashaway strings Coupon (to 13th Jan)
Up To 60% Off Wilson Pro Staff Tennis Rackets! (to 10th Jan)
Up To 50% Off Selected Head Tennis Rackets! (to 10th Jan)
Wilson Pro Staff 97LS Tennis Racket Now £99.95 Coupon (to 6th Jan)
Wilson Pro Staff Countervail Racket Now £99.95 Coupon (to 6th Jan)
20% off all clothing and footwear! Coupon (to 6th Jan)
20% off all Solinco strings Coupon (to 6th Jan)
Free UK Delivery over £50! (to 31st Dec)
Get some amazing deals in the Stringers World section with up to 50.. (to 31st Dec)
10% Off Selected Head Strings Coupon (to 23rd Dec)
Up to 59% off selected footwear (to 20th Dec)
Up to 64% Off Rackets (to 20th Dec)
62% off selected bags (to 20th Dec)
30% Off Victor Auraspeed 70K Badminton Racket Coupon (to 13th Dec)
Free Tube Of Shuttles With Selected Rackets! Coupon (to 11th Dec)
50% Off All Gosen Rackets! Coupon (to 11th Dec)
20% Off All 2UNDR! Coupon (to 11th Dec)
20% Off All Yonex String! Coupon (to 11th Dec)
20% off Tier One, Ytex and Laserfibre strings Coupon (to 11th Dec)
20% off all of our Signum Pro and Dyreex strings Coupon (to 11th Dec)
Babolat RPM Blast 200m Reel for £89.99 Coupon (to 11th Dec)
Wilson Team Training Balls £75 this weekend only! Coupon (to 11th Dec)
Up to 56% off selected lines of clothing (to 9th Dec)
Up to 62% Off Dunlop Elite Padel Bags (to 6th Dec)
Free AdiPower Bag With Every AdiPower Racket! (to 6th Dec)
Up to 44% off Pure Strike Tennis Rackets! (to 29th Nov)
20% off all of our Tecnifibre strings Coupon (to 4th Nov)
20% off ALL Kirschbaum Strings! Coupon (to 21st Oct)
20% off all Gosen strings Coupon (to 14th Oct)
20% off of Laser fibre, Ytex and Diadem Strings Coupon (to 7th Oct)
20% Off All Strings From VOLKL, PRO SUPEX and ISOSPEED! Coupon (to 30th Sep)
20% off Tier One, Ashaway and Topspin Strings! Coupon (to 23rd Sep)
20% off all of our Kirschbaum strings Coupon (to 11th Sep)
20% off all of our Weiss Cannon strings Coupon (to 11th Sep)
FREE Head Watch with every Gravity Racket! (to 16th Aug)
20% Off ALL Polyfibre Strings Coupon (to 12th Aug)
20% off all Signum Pro strings Coupon (to 5th Aug)
20% Off ALL Strings from Diadem, Genesis and Ytex Coupon (to 29th Jul)
Complimentary Backpack and a Pack of V-Dry Grips with the Purchase .. (to 26th Jul)
15% Off BB clothing this weekend only! Coupon (to 22nd Jul)
20% off ALL Gosen and Robin Söderling strings Coupon (to 22nd Jul)
10% Off Ytex String Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Extra 10% Off ALL Luggage! Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Babolat RPM Blast For Only £95 Coupon (to 15th Jul)
10% Off Laserfibre String (to 15th Jul)
Up to 20% off all VOLKL Strings Coupon (to 7th Jul)
20% off all Ashaway and Ytex strings Coupon (to 1st Jul)
For this weekend only, we are offering all of our subscribers 20% o.. Coupon (to 24th Jun)
Up to 40% off Bullpadel padel rackets (to 14th Jun)
20% off all Genesis and Pro Supex strings Coupon (to 10th Jun)
20% Off ALL Polyfibre and Poly Star Strings Coupon (to 27th May)
10% off Wilson Clash Tennis Rackets (to 24th May)
20% off all Dyreex, Isopseed, and Topspin strings Coupon (to 13th May)
Up to 39% off Wilson Racket Bags (to 10th May)
20% discount on ALL Kirschbaum & Diadem Strings Coupon (to 29th Apr)
70% off Head Squash Rackets (to 26th Apr)
Up to 15% off Wilson Clash 100 & 100 Tour Tennis Rackets (to 26th Apr)
50% off Wilson Badminton Rackets (to 19th Apr)
20% off Signum Pro Strings! Coupon (to 15th Apr)
20% off ALL MSV and YTEX Tennis Strings Coupon (to 8th Apr)
50% discount on the Limited Edition Roger Federer Wilson Pro Staff .. (to 8th Apr)
FREE Poly Tour Srike string packets and Wet Super Grip If you spend.. (to 1st Apr)
20% OFF SOLINCO tennis strings this weekend! Coupon (to 26th Mar)
20% Off VOLKL Strings Coupon (to 26th Mar)
10% Off VOLKL Rackets Coupon (to 26th Mar)
Free VCORE pocket speaker with a VCORE Galaxy Black racket (to 15th Mar)
Get a FREE Babolat bag & towel when you buy any 2019 Babolat tennis.. (to 14th Mar)
Preorder your 2019 Prince squash racket and save 15% off your purch.. (to 8th Mar)
Save 20% on all Weiss Cannon, Double AR & Topspin strings Coupon (to 25th Feb)
With the launch of the brand new Tecnifibre T-Fight XTC range, weve.. Coupon (to 18th Feb)
Save an extra 5% on a huge range of footwear covering sports such a.. Coupon (to 11th Feb)
Save up to 60% on a huge range of footwear covering sports such as .. (to 11th Feb)
Save an Extra 20% on all Kirschbaum & Diadem Strings Coupon (to 4th Feb)
Save an Extra 20% on all Ashaway Strings Coupon (to 14th Jan)
Up to 58% off a Huge Selection of Top Brand Rackets (to 14th Jan)
Amazing offers in the clearance tennis, badminton and squash section! (to 31st Dec)
Save an extra 20% on Still In Black Tennis Strings Coupon (to 24th Dec)
50% on a Huge Range of Tennis, Badminton and Padel Rackets (to 24th Dec)
30% off Addidas Clothing and Footwear (to 30th Nov)
40% off Padel Rackets (to 30th Nov)
30% off K Swiss Footwear (to 30th Nov)
20% off Prince Warrior Tennis Rackets Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Still in Black Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Solinco Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Polyfibre Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Kirschbaum Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Volkl Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Topspin Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Diadem Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Poly Star Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Laser Fibre Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Gosen Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Weiss Canon Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Ashaway Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Signum Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Technifibre Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off MSV Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Ytex Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Isospeed Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
Start saving NOW with 20% off ALL Dyreex strings! Coupon (to 26th Nov)
20% off Double AR Strings Coupon (to 26th Nov)
Up to 50% off Wilsons Tennis Clothing Range (to 5th Nov)
15% off NEW Pure Aero 2018 Racket Bags (to 5th Nov)
Keep charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy with the .. (to 29th Oct)
The Victor Hypernano 90 provides exceptional feel in any game situa.. (to 29th Oct)
Save 60% off Badminton Clearance Section (to 13th Oct)
Save 15% off Head Radical MP Ltd Edition Tennis Rackets (to 13th Oct)
Save 15% off NEW 2018 Volkl Luggage Racket Bags (to 13th Oct)
15% Off Volkl V-Feel 10 & 2 Tennis Rackets (to 28th Sep)
15% off NEW Karakal Squash 2018 Rackets (to 28th Sep)
Up to 57% on badminton ex-demo rackets (to 22nd Sep)
15% off Yonex Vcore Pro Tour Bags (to 22nd Sep)
Our Victor rackets are designed for added power and control for exc.. (to 22nd Sep)
This weekend we are celebrating our German engineered strings with .. Coupon (to 16th Sep)
Now get 10% off Wilson Pro Camo Edition Tennis Rackets! (to 9th Sep)
Very limited stock available so get yours while stocks last! (to 9th Sep)
Our Victor squash rackets are designed to provide excellent control.. (to 9th Sep)
10% off Weiss Cannon Strings with Vouchercode Coupon (to 31st Aug)
Up to 40% off Head Racketball Rackets (to 31st Aug)
Up to 40% off Wilson Padel Rackets (to 31st Aug)
13% off Gosen Inferno Badminton Rackets! (to 24th Aug)
10% OFF ALL SPORTSWEAR Coupon (to 19th Aug)
20% off Yonex Poly Tour Spin Reels Coupon (to 17th Aug)
15% off Indoor Head Squash Shoes (to 13th Aug)
Up 60% off Racket Bags! (to 10th Aug)
For a limited time only, you can save 20% off our Laserfibre, Still.. Coupon (to 6th Aug)
Up to 35% and More off Salming Indoor Squash Shoes! (to 6th Aug)
In the Prince Tennis Racket Sale, get up to 50% off! (to 6th Aug)
15% off Head Speed 360 Rackets! (to 6th Aug)
Save up to 40% off new padel racket models! (to 27th Jul)
Save over 30% off Victor Jetspeed S12 Blue Badminton Rackets! (to 27th Jul)
Save up to 25% off Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Rackets! (to 20th Jul)
Save up to 40% off Head Djokovic Bags! (to 20th Jul)
Save 15% off Yonex Ezone 98 305G Blue Tennis Racket! (to 20th Jul)
Up to 23% off amazing new Roland Garros clothing line! (to 15th Jul)
Play your heart out with the new Wilson Tennis Pro Staff Collection.. (to 15th Jul)
For a limited time only, you can save 20% off all Signum Pro tennis.. Coupon (to 13th Jul)
Upgrade your squash racket and perform your best. Now with TeXtreme.. (to 12th Jul)
Save up to 40% off Head Graphene Touch Speed Rackets! (to 11th Jul)
Up to 11% off amazing new Roland Garros clothing line! (to 4th Jul)
An amazing 15% off Volk V-Feel Tennis Rackets! (to 18th Jun)
An amazing 15% off Prince TeXtreme tennis rackets! (to 18th Jun)
For a limited time only, you can save 20% off all Kirschbaum, Polys.. Coupon (to 17th Jun)
For a limited time only, you can save 20% off Wilson Racket Bags! Coupon (to 17th Jun)
Dont forget to take a look at our clearance section for amazing off.. (to 3rd Jun)
Up to 10% off in the Clearance Section (to 31st May)
Up to 26% off Wimbledon Babolat 2018 Tennis Range (to 13th May)
We have a great selection of ex-demo rackets available in a range o.. (to 8th Apr)
Check out our full range of Salming squash equipment for amazing sa.. (to 8th Apr)
Up to £10 off your next order when you sign up with Stringers World.. (to 31st Mar)
Save up to 40% on Tennis, Badminton and Squash Rackets at Stringers.. (to 31st Mar)
Savings of up to 50% on selected Badminton Rackets, Clothing & Acce.. (to 31st Mar)
Stuck for Gift Ideas? We now sell Gift certificates at Stringers Wo.. (to 31st Mar)
Get this limited edition range and save up to 22% off RRP (to 25th Mar)
Feel the force with the Yonex VCore Pro racket range, with 10% off .. (to 25th Mar)
A whole host of brand new products in this week, including strings,.. (to 28th Feb)
Grab your Wilson special edition black racket for an amazing price .. (to 23rd Feb)
Bring your game to the next level with new Kirschbaum strings Coupon (to 18th Feb)

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