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11th Jan2019: Ordering flowers from your mobile is a piece of cake! 🍰 https://t.co/SITcVZik9n
10th Jan2019: Are you a fan of plants? For us, they are key to turning a house into a cosy home. As today is… https://t.co/3jKR7M5pTt
9th Jan2019: May joy always come through your door! With that in mind, we have created this bouquet so that whenever you see it… https://t.co/yd0mU7b8qf
8th Jan2019: Help keep your plants healthy even if a cold snap hits. https://t.co/s0Zb8qL1Y7
8th Jan2019: One of our star bouquets is on offer RIGHT NOW. Enjoy 25% off this versatile bouquet you can give to your partner,… https://t.co/nHvSPF59oj
7th Jan2019: Will you celebrate serendipity with us this month? https://t.co/5MQAUc0YCo
5th Jan2019: Bid farewell to your tree safely and ecologically this weekend. https://t.co/GkoMslZEGf
4th Jan2019: Did you know that holly is the sacred tree of good luck and prosperity? In addition to adding a very nice touch t… https://t.co/PFqQQt9FSu
2nd Jan2019: Whoops https://t.co/1oIZJEO1Iw
1st Jan2019: We wish you a 2019 full of happiness, health and, of course, lots of flowers. Thank you all for following us and he… https://t.co/uiafHZ2W80
31st Dec2018: Are you ready to surprise with flowers in in 2019? https://t.co/g05aeIc929 https://t.co/0kvIQzvnpm
30th Dec2018: Capricorns would love any of these https://t.co/RM8qTmW5Y0
28th Dec2018: 12 beautiful flowers for 12 eventful months. https://t.co/qTt6kfXOdw https://t.co/UfaWq2vCfF
28th Dec2018: This bouquet is one of our favourites from our winter collection. Who will you surprise with the holly, red roses a… https://t.co/DIIzWhgtFU
27th Dec2018: Where will your tree go at the end of the holidays? https://t.co/xLa1PXbJY3
26th Dec2018: These flowers will be perfect to help 2019 blossom 😉 We take a look at the best blooms to ring in the New Year.… https://t.co/S2rQBpg8Bg
25th Dec2018: Merry Christmas! 🎄 We hope you all enjoy a relaxing day with your loved ones wherever in the world you are :)… https://t.co/r1He1axRjj
24th Dec2018: Why would you give someone these? WHY? https://t.co/lneO0xOOtR
23rd Dec2018: Was your worst Christmas card this year as bad as these ones? https://t.co/Q46dCHNIjG
22nd Dec2018: Bring Harmony to a home this Christmas with our bouquet of the month for December. https://t.co/Knd2ErZIPC
22nd Dec2018: Which of our Christmas collection is your favourite? https://t.co/pBsPNNElBS
21st Dec2018: Capturing the heart of a Capricorn just got easier! Find out how to give the flowers Capricorns cherish most in o… https://t.co/WwOZCl1oIB
21st Dec2018: ⭐DAY 21⭐ Here is a plant that really captures the classic red hues of Christmas. To get you into the seasonal spi… https://t.co/NzrVQRUwaV
20th Dec2018: Flowers can reach wherever you strike up a new friendship. https://t.co/sAuiBotYwL
20th Dec2018: ⭐DAY 20⭐ May your gifts always express your truest feelings. Send someone all your love this holiday season with… https://t.co/v5EFUjsjVL
19th Dec2018: Gherkins on a Christmas tree?! https://t.co/T0BdpFnoHp
18th Dec2018: Give your plants a little love and a new home this Christmas. https://t.co/r0EUZMuzaZ
18th Dec2018: ⭐DAY 18⭐ Take advantage of the 50% discount on this beautiful bouquet of lilies and gerberas that will help not o… https://t.co/EiYXQ7aub7
17th Dec2018: ⭐DAY 17⭐ This week you can share this Poinsettia for 25% less. What are you waiting for? 👉… https://t.co/0yMleraSvY
17th Dec2018: Getting socks for Christmas would be much better than getting these disasters. https://t.co/VvrPiSwRTA
16th Dec2018: A homemade gift is the best gift, right? https://t.co/efr15zgOnF
16th Dec2018: ⭐DAY 19⭐ You may never see beautiful orchid at this price again. Take advantage of the 40% discount on it today a… https://t.co/Hxu5N9XYxR
14th Dec2018: Getting a gift basket is always exciting at this time of the year. https://t.co/BI9Ay5ksFd
13th Dec2018: Bring a touch of calm to a home with the help of a few plants 🌱🌿 https://t.co/CfqJlq2tAA
11th Dec2018: ⭐DAY 11⭐ Save 30% on Sparkles. This bouquet shows off bright Christmas colours with the help of its lisianthus and… https://t.co/TahPJOwBHE
11th Dec2018: Christmas? More like Cringemas! https://t.co/K16Sswutd9
10th Dec2018: Harmony and Christmas go so well together. https://t.co/L3n4puZ7a5
10th Dec2018: ⭐DAY 10⭐ 30% discount on our MAGIC bouquet. Let us help you bring the magic of Christmas to someone far away with… https://t.co/PrwUiLmkqB
9th Dec2018: What flowers say the most to a Sagittarius? https://t.co/BpZwdKuKQq
9th Dec2018: ⭐DAY 9⭐ Save 15% today on our Bahamas bouquet with our special code: ADVENT9. Share one of our sweetest bouquets,… https://t.co/kN7H9iQVw1
8th Dec2018: Where did the ultimate Christmas flower come from? https://t.co/6TgavguCkI
8th Dec2018: ⭐DAY 8⭐ Get 15% savings today on Rainbow with our discount code: ADVENT8. Surprise on a birthday with this bouque… https://t.co/NDrX9jjhiN
7th Dec2018: Have you seen our newest arrivals? 👀 https://t.co/YZJ9EVMJQ4
6th Dec2018: Get your DIY on this December! https://t.co/X3OKH6cMQV
6th Dec2018: ⭐DAY 6⭐ Save 10% on this Belle Epoque Chocolate selection today with our exclusive code: ADVENT6. 👉… https://t.co/X9UHwsofZQ
5th Dec2018: Flowers can impress almost anywhere in the world. https://t.co/le5sDOB5Cq
5th Dec2018: ⭐DAY 5⭐ Today enjoy a 15% discount on this bouquet of red roses so you can congratulate someone on their birthday… https://t.co/EWhW7yk0hy
4th Dec2018: Christmas is coming, are you ready to wow someone special? https://t.co/IiceqJeBBY
4th Dec2018: ⭐ DAY 4 ⭐ 30% discount all week on this combination of callas, with gerberas, roses and alstroemerias. 👉… https://t.co/GDoZN9HEu0
3rd Dec2018: DAY 3. Enjoy 30% off Magic all week. A bouquet that conjures up the image of a warm fireplace, snow-filled window f… https://t.co/C36CuABeAd
3rd Dec2018: Happy Make A Gift Day from us to you! https://t.co/UAtTa2HRGR
2nd Dec2018: Deck the halls with what?! https://t.co/XKFyGKoyTl
1st Dec2018: All our essential tips for anyone giving or receiving a poinsettia this Christmas. https://t.co/ZzdAPwpOI2
29th Nov2018: What flowers say the most to a Sagittarius? https://t.co/BpZwdKuKQq
28th Nov2018: Sending flowers to express your love far and wide is easy. Just ask our customer of the month... https://t.co/E49xDKfoqJ
27th Nov2018: Could your bedroom use a touch of green? https://t.co/D1fX62ltZW
26th Nov2018: Hit the right note with your birthday bouquet. https://t.co/2j7R2KSGdE
23rd Nov2018: Is it time for a rethink when it comes to red flowers? 🤔https://t.co/HoiWd5Sk3P https://t.co/HoiWd5Sk3P
19th Nov2018: 5 little steps to happier plants. https://t.co/sydHWNOMmC
15th Nov2018: Flowers are quite the international travellers these days. https://t.co/FNUIDRe0cG
14th Nov2018: Which of our new autumn collection is your favourite? 🍁🍂🌹https://t.co/ch5uefLz1o https://t.co/ch5uefLz1o
13th Nov2018: This is one of our favourite bouquets to give on any occasion. With its cheerful radiance and its combination of co… https://t.co/yqcReKmlQz
13th Nov2018: Never underestimate the power of a few plants around the home 🌱🌿 https://t.co/Zq9Clzcgej
12th Nov2018: We start the week telling you that you have two new bouquets at a 25% discount on our website. 👏👏👏 Visit now and p… https://t.co/Df62krDgVO
11th Nov2018: Is it time to think again when it comes to red flowers? https://t.co/hkgvtSPHaJ
10th Nov2018: Do you have your Scorpio surprises sorted? https://t.co/BI9U4FpEfR
9th Nov2018: Would you try any of these new flower trends? https://t.co/G4DuUjjrIe
8th Nov2018: Help someone enjoy a very special day by sharing our SUBTLE FRESHNESS bouquet. When the lilies open in their home… https://t.co/Sx0GtkHMoN
7th Nov2018: DISCOUNT ✔ This favourite arrangement of lilies and roses is now 25% off on our website. Share an elegant bouque… https://t.co/EgBSaszsPY
6th Nov2018: Just how far did love travel this time? https://t.co/3coQcdqHj6
6th Nov2018: This bouquet is one of our favourites and is perfect for touching the heart of a romantic soul. To make things ev… https://t.co/KnbwAb04D6
5th Nov2018: Did you remember the 5th of November? https://t.co/Ke3yKR5Fue
2nd Nov2018: Find out why our Pumpkin bouquet is the number one for us in November! https://t.co/QWIIOQtMiE
2nd Nov2018: From Barcelona, Milan and with the help of our florists around the world, we send fresh flowers in as little as 24… https://t.co/fWdWPLlV0B
30th Oct2018: Today we have another little piece of autumn, capturing the feeling of the warmth of home and of walking through th… https://t.co/LKmI8uSC3j
29th Oct2018: Are you all set to surprise a Scorpio? https://t.co/HJV2MIm4bq
25th Oct2018: Choosing birthday flowers just got easier https://t.co/pa28adYIoI
24th Oct2018: Are these flowers pretty or pretty spooky? https://t.co/TAemJXn9a3
19th Oct2018: We all know red flowers communicate love and passion. Does anyone send them for any other reason than romance? Let… https://t.co/Dc9G3s9q7s
17th Oct2018: Help smiles flourish in fall with these five unmissable flowers and plants https://t.co/p3ytOdamUA
16th Oct2018: Hydrangeas are quite the talented flower. https://t.co/nojqtrqCqd
14th Oct2018: Warm, cheery and energetic. These are just a few reasons why this is our favourite bouquet this month! https://t.co/pXiTAEsqDj
13th Oct2018: Keep things cosy this weekend https://t.co/HDdhdAIHfc
6th Oct2018: Settle into the Saturday with our five picks for the best fall flowers. https://t.co/eooF2h5t9J
5th Oct2018: Chrysanthemums are a gift that should always be cherished! 💐 https://t.co/9QkCfkXC2Z
4th Oct2018: Is your favourite celeb on our list? https://t.co/0UDmJQH0Hr
3rd Oct2018: Keeping things in harmony with flowers will delight the Libra in your life! https://t.co/f9zDdmiQOz
1st Oct2018: Hello October! Marigolds are not only the birth flower of the month but also have tons of uses you may have never h… https://t.co/mYViFc2BVW
28th Sep2018: As September draws to a close, we look back at story from our customer of the month and how he made his parents ann… https://t.co/xSPCLTpbEr
19th Sep2018: Orchids are no one hit wonders! 🎉 When their flowers fall keep them re-blooming with a few simple steps: https://t.co/rdNRyq2CkV
6th Sep2018: Help someone enjoy a "fresh start" in September with 25% off our beautiful red rose and white lily bouquet right no… https://t.co/ruQGzMQyBZ
28th Aug2018: Virgo is the star sign of perfectionism. Find out which flowers you can give to live up to the high standards of th… https://t.co/7FkM1ruxbB
24th Aug2018: They are not long, the days of wine and roses, Out of a misty dream Our path emerges for a while, then closes Withi… https://t.co/apoUVHOLzs
23rd Aug2018: Turn any stuffy office into a paradise of positivity with the help of plants https://t.co/B8Gx6RRgNq
22nd Aug2018: Looking for ideas for birthday surprises? How about inviting them to an exclusive "restaurant" together with one of… https://t.co/jZj2ftYZoZ
9th Aug2018: Red bromelias are brilliant, right? Try giving it as a gift for a truly unique surprise this summer!… https://t.co/DAeDAkJtVt
6th Aug2018: Summer is the time for salads and dining al fresco! Did you know how many flowers (yes, flowers!) can make your sum… https://t.co/f3jop80VG2
1st Aug2018: Flowers and plants are the perfect home companions to add an extra touch of happiness. Find out how on our blog https://t.co/k055VPB83N
20th Jul2018: Celebrate friendship! Take advantage of the Abisko bouquet with a 25% discount on our website and surprise your bes… https://t.co/QYeN0oS60e
19th Jul2018: For the next week you can get a 25% discount on our bouquet of lisianthus and pink carnations inspired by the Baham… https://t.co/e1rKMpJSyP
16th Jul2018: Those born under the sign of Cancer are an irresistible and loyal group of people to know, although with a characte… https://t.co/TLqFSzvVwp
13th Jul2018: Save 25% today on this sunrise inspired bouquet named after SEMINYAK beach in Indonesia. Celebrate the weekend with… https://t.co/CleCgiPApt
12th Jul2018: This beautiful bouquet combines the exquisite colours seen in the sunset of the ATACAMA desert with sunflowers and… https://t.co/whj9a6VOoA
10th Jul2018: Sunflowers are the stars of our summer collection this year! Discover our amazing floral creations in our brand new… https://t.co/Juo8p25yo5
9th Jul2018: Learn all about how FloraQueen is making the Festival de Pedralbes in Barcelona extra beautiful with its flowers th… https://t.co/QYmg9qivRI
28th Jun2018: The capital of Japan lends its name to this bouquet of sunflowers sprinkled with bright red roses. These exquisite… https://t.co/Fl1YGofWNQ
27th Jun2018: We borrowed the pink tones of the Bahamian sand and dyed our bouquet of lisianthus and carnations with it. Let this… https://t.co/iDipret31L
26th Jun2018: The colourful sunrise on Seminyak beach is the inspiration for this yellow and orange bouquet of sunflowers, chrysa… https://t.co/0YRpKw2m2C
22nd Jun2018: Fill the weekend with light and joy with this bouquet of sunflowers, lilies, roses and greenery. Enjoy it until nex… https://t.co/cIJM0JJVik
21st Jun2018: Summer begins today! And here at FloraQueen we want to celebrate by sharing with you this beautiful bouquet of sunf… https://t.co/qiFK1vUJcS
20th Jun2018: Good Morning! Awaken with energy today with this bouquet of sunflowers and pink roses. Enjoy and bring summer home!… https://t.co/RGNonV5Ztk
18th Jun2018: An elegant and classic bouquet perfect for giving for any occasion. Get it with a 25% discount until tomorrow only.… https://t.co/YGzQPXNLk8
15th Jun2018: Purity, light, joy ... is that what a bouquet of white flowers with roses, alstroemerias and lilies suggests to you… https://t.co/MoQoUVkrh9
13th Jun2018: Say it right with sunflowers! https://t.co/RIrqKLx6B9 #makepeoplesmile #sunflowers
11th Jun2018: We are totally in love with our sunflowers. Alone or combined with roses or gerberas, they make us think of sunny w… https://t.co/2yx6vMO7kH
8th Jun2018: This is one of our bouquets of the week. Get a 25% discount on this spectacular bouquet of sunflowers that will bri… https://t.co/ndmeeyel67
6th Jun2018: Share this bouquet of gerberas, lilies and alstroemeria and add light and colour to your days.… https://t.co/1kZjwwMafH
4th Jun2018: Give a gift that Geminis will adore in June! #astrology #gemini #makingpeoplesmile https://t.co/Ae6RYqc05S
1st Jun2018: Hello June! The lightest month of the year has arrived and you can now enjoy a special discount on this brilliant b… https://t.co/gCIq2soZhX
1st Jun2018: Happy #SaySomethingNiceDay one and all! Remember, saying something nice to those you love can be done with more tha… https://t.co/zLC6NgMP7l
29th May2018: Did you know that gerberas are associated with beauty and friendship? Brighten the day of that friend who is always… https://t.co/KJ4nSHf1Jo
28th May2018: Hurry up Peonies #peonies #MondayMotivation https://t.co/3jvDpW899g
28th May2018: Do you have a birthday or celebration coming up soon? Remember, you can enjoy a 25% discount on this special bouque… https://t.co/JoBIKoH6bY
26th May2018: We send thousands of bouquets around the world throughout the year. Hear the story of just one of those journeys fr… https://t.co/OkkjfIsihx
25th May2018: The power of orange! Combining energy, vitality and joy. Until Tuesday only, share this bouquet arranged of gerbera… https://t.co/ZwlyEGVco4
24th May2018: This bouquet of coloured gerberas is one of our specially selected arrangements you can buy with a 🌸 25% DISCOUNT 🌸… https://t.co/16pvUCojwP
23rd May2018: We love having flowers around. At home or in the office, they really are a sight to behold. Where do you enjoy flow… https://t.co/Sczek4uB5y
22nd May2018: What a day it was on Saturday for the #RoyalWedding It certainly was a floral occasion from the decorations down to… https://t.co/kcdSsPDjEm
22nd May2018: At FloraQueen we celebrate love all year long. Did you know you can add chocolates, a vase or a card to every bouqu… https://t.co/kg6rGR4ZhD
21st May2018: Find out why we love our magnificent pink bouquet the most this May. https://t.co/gM4zfyBwXU
20th May2018: May is truly a month of flowers https://t.co/z2Q3h7zQoF
19th May2018: Interesting to see peonies making an appearance at the #RoyalWedding earlier today. As we predicted back in January… https://t.co/7k6nCilw8y
19th May2018: Seeing the #RoyalWedding today just reminds us of the difference the right flowers can make to the big day. Find ou… https://t.co/P1nIWV84En

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