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Hair Loss - best deals (to 23rd Aug)
Contraception - best deals (to 23rd Aug)
Asthma - best deals (to 23rd Aug)
Weight Loss - best deals (to 23rd Aug)
Erectile Dysfunction treatment (to 23rd Aug)
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10% Discount On All Diabetes Treatments Coupon (to 24th Apr)
10% off Diabetes Treatments Coupon (to 24th Apr)
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Free Online Doctor Consultation on Smoking (to 19th Apr)
Free Online Doctor Consultation on High Blood Pressure (to 19th Apr)
Free Online Doctors Consultation on Chlamydia (to 14th Apr)
Free Online Doctors Consultation on Mini Pill (to 14th Apr)
Free Online Doctor Consultation on Hay Fever (to 14th Apr)
Free Next Day Delivery Across Europe (to 29th Mar)
Free Online Doctors Consultation on Herpes Virus (to 29th Mar)
Free Online Doctor Consultation on Malaria (to 29th Mar)
Free Online Doctors Consultation on Haemorrhoids (to 24th Mar)
Free Online Doctors Consultation on High Blood Pressure (to 24th Mar)
Free Online Doctors Consultation on Smoking (to 24th Mar)
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10% Discount On All Acne Treatments Coupon (to 6th Jul)
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30th Nov: Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind. #HealthExpress
27th Nov: Hormonal contraceptives essentially all work the same way at preventing pregnancy, and are equal in effectiveness,…
22nd Nov: Not all those who wander are lost. #HealthExpress
19th Nov: Guava fruits are amazingly rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. This remarkable nutrient content…
11th Nov: Approximately 66% of us want to quit smoking and there are a variety of tactics depending on what best suits your s…
9th Nov: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. #HealthExpress
6th Nov: #Avocados are loaded with nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B, vitamin E, and vitamin A. And are a go…
3rd Nov: Exercise should be fun, otherwise you won’t be consistent! #HealthExpress
1st Nov: We are giving away 2 Free Tickets to The Big Game at Twickenham Rugby Stadium. 😍Take part now! #HealthExpress…
21st Oct: Did you know that we are now offering an Auto Repeat Service on all ED treatments? Save up to 15% with automated de…
15th Oct: We are giving away a #FREE #Rugby World Cup #SHIRT of your choice 😍. Enter NOW for a chance to win.⁠ #HealthExpress…
15th Oct: #Didyouknow that overconsumption of pornography among young males has led to the rise in porn-induced erectile dysf…
14th Oct: Get £5 off your orders + free shipping. Enter promo code PUB5 and enjoy the discount. Learn more now!…
15th Sep: Chlamydia is a bacterial infection which is usually spread through sex or contact with infected genital fluids (sem…
9th Sep: “What hurts today makes you stronger tomorrow.” #healthexpress
7th Sep: Almost all hair loss in men results from male-pattern baldness, a genetic trait that comes from your parents. Other…
6th Sep: The nutritional benefits of pineapples are as attractive as their unique anatomy and contain high amounts of vitami…
2nd Sep: All progress takes place outside the comfort zone. #healthexpress
17th Jul: Which one is your favorite emoji when you travel? 😍 #healthexpress #worldemojiday
6th Jun: Yesterday marked the start of #heartrhythmweek. The only symptom of sudden cardiac death is fainting. Whilst fainti…
6th Jun: Hello Twitter world. Our customer service is on hand answering any questions you may have until 5.30pm this evening…
31st May: WHO have released some shocking stats for #WorldNoTobaccoDay 2018. Tobacco causes nearly 3 million death through ca…
30th May: With #LoveIsland just around the corner, anti-smoking campaigners believe that these shows are encouraging teens to…
21st May: In light of Dementia Action Week, here are some facts - 850,000 people in the UK have been diagnosed with dementia.…
17th May: High blood pressure affects approximately 1 in 3 adults in the UK. it can be preventable! To find out more, check o…
16th May: Do you have a food allergy? Here are the tell-tale signs: • Swelling of the face (lips, tongue, mouth, and eyes) •…
11th May: Happy #Friday and Happy #SomersetDay to all our followers. This beautiful shot was taken by our own West Country bu…
10th May: Have you been targeted on social media by fertility awareness apps? These apps use your menstrual cycle to anticipa…
25th Apr: Whilst malaria mortality rates are falling, there was still an estimated 216 million cases in 2016. This spanned ov…
20th Apr: Summer is approaching! But so are your allergies. Stay prepared with the right treatment, and self-help techniques…
18th Apr: Health News: The Commonwealth countries have pledged to spend £2.7 billion in a bid to halve the number of malaria…
13th Apr: Have you checked out our new #infographic? Find out the salt, sugar and saturated fat levels of your favourite part…
3rd Apr: Bowel cancer is the 2nd biggest cancer killer in the UK. Symptoms may be confused with haemorrhoids (piles) and scr…
29th Mar: The first case of #supergonorrhoea not being cured by the first choice of medication has been reported after a male…
28th Mar: Have you checked out our feature in Buzzfeed? 7 weird ways to catch an STI...
23rd Mar: News today: Cancer rates are being linked to preventable causes with obesity being an increasing issue
20th Mar: Smiling and laughing can improve mood, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, strengthen your immune system and send…
19th Mar: March has finally arrived! And that means #ovariancancerawarenessmonth is upon us. Ovarian cancer directly affects…
12th Mar: Do you know the effect that salt has on your health? It can significantly increase your risk of heart-related disea…
1st Mar: Experiencing too much of a good thing? Porn-induced erectile dysfunction (or PIED) is pretty frustrating BUT revers…
26th Feb: Another great #trustpilot review! You can use our new tool to filter a specific medication and get reviews straight…
26th Feb: Can you use an #inhaler for a #cough? What about #hayfever? What about #cystiticfibrosis? Are there any others? Fi…
19th Feb: Erectile dysfunction treatment comes in many shapes and sizes - 🍆
4th Feb: 1 in 6 deaths are due to cancer with 30-50% of these being preventable. Smoking is the single largest preventable c…
2nd Feb: Check out our #TrustPilot reviews for yourself!
2nd Feb: For the first time, prostate cancer deaths has overtaken breast cancer deaths -
31st Jan: So here it is, the last day of #DryJanuary. Have you succeeded? Are you heading to the pub this evening, or decidin…
29th Jan: Brits are top of the league when it comes to eating our fruit and veg so why are we still the Obese Capital of Euro…
24th Jan: A number of us in the office what to #PassOnPlastic. What are you doing to minimise your plastic usage? 🐬🐠🐋
17th Jan: Customer Service is heerreeee, until 5.30pm. Katie, Keeley and Harnish are taking your calls.
15th Jan: Today is supposedly the saddest day of the year 😥 No Christmas🎄, a long slog to payday 💷 and dull weather ☔️ are sa…
11th Jan: Our Customer Service lines are now open! Katie, Harnish and Keeley are here sorting through your orders.
10th Jan: Just one cigarette can lead to a smoking habit according to BBC Health. Start the new year right!
10th Jan: Happy hump day. Keeley and Harnish here until 5.30pm.
9th Jan: Good morning - Customer Service is here until 5.30pm waiting for your queries #SharingIsCaring
8th Jan: What types of ED treatment are there? And which is the right method for you? Check out our handy overview: 🍆
8th Jan: Good morning and happy Monday Twitter world. We have Harnish and Keeley here until 5.30pm to take your calls, read…
5th Jan: News for this Friday regarding sexual health and sustaining an erection:
4th Jan: Day 4 of #DryJanuary and our office is hitting it out of the ballpark. 27 days left...and who knows, maybe beyond. Cheers!
2nd Jan: Are you doing Dry January this year? Get all the info here!
28th Dec: Have you been struggling with your asthma lately? It could be the cold weather, ya know...…
20th Dec: Our Customer Service is here until 5.30pm to sort through your orders and any queries you have.
15th Dec: Happy Friday and #ChristmasJumperDay🎄We have our Customer Service here until 5.30pm before you head off for some eg…
27th Sep:
14th Jul: #Exercise To Help With Sleep As Well As Curbing #Obesity #insomniac #health
8th Jul: Sex Workers and #HIV Resistance #sexualhealth #STI
6th Jul: Is #Sugar Any Good For You At All? 🍫 🍪 🍰 #healthyfood #healthyeating
6th Jul: The Guardian reports further rise in syphilis & gonorrhoea. Here are the facts & figures:
5th Jul: Weird Side Effects of #WeightLoss #loseweight #health #fitness
1st Jul: How Old Is #Malaria? #globalhealth #travel
28th Jun: #Thyroid - All You Need To Know #ThyroidCancer #health
22nd Jun: #Vaping and your Immune System #vape #vapefam
17th Jun: Causes of a #Cough #health #coughing
16th Jun: #Pollution and High Blood Pressure #highbloodpressure #airpollution #health
14th Jun: How Much #Exercise Burns Off Food? #health #obesity #weightloss
13th Jun: How Can #Caffeine Treat #ErectileDysfunction #coffee #menshealth #ED
9th Jun: #STI Testing Online: The Pros and Cons #STItesting #sexualhealth
7th Jun: Spotting The Signs Of #Dementia #dementiacare #dementiauk
6th Jun: Is #Masturbation Good Or Bad For Erections? #masturbating #menshealth
3rd Jun: Rise of #OnlineHealthcare #health #healthcare
1st Jun: Are You Addicted To #Exercise? #health #workout
31st May: A Few Hours #Sleep Versus None - Which Is Worse? #sleeping #health
30th May: How #MentalHealth Can Affect Your Weight #mentalillness #obesity
27th May: #ED is Common, But Exactly How Common for Which Age Ranges? #menshealth
26th May: How #smoking is affecting your smile #OralHealth
25th May: How to incorporate #walking into your daily life 🚶 #exercise #health
24th May: Which foods and drinks can cause or provoke #erectiledysfunction? #menshealth #health
23rd May: What is a #BingeEating Disorder and How to Help 🍰 🍩 🍪 #health #food
19th May: Our correct portion sizes table for starch, protein, diary & misc to help you lose weight:
18th May: The reasons for early menopause #womenshealth #menopause #health
17th May: What are the best exercises for people with #asthma ? #AsthmaAwarenessMonth #AsthmaUK
16th May: How to lose weight effectively: 🍳 🍞 🍏
16th May: With #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek in full swing, we look at how porn can affect erectile dysfunction:
13th May: Obesity rates vs overweight rates in the UK:
11th May: How to deal with your #allergies: #hayfever #nutallergy #petallergy
11th May: UPDATED: Our #IBS guide now has our #Fodmap plan for your ease:
10th May: Erectile dysfunction and its link to prostate surgery:
9th May: Can you run for a bus? 🚌
6th May: Your #Viagra questions answered ✅
5th May: Could Viagra Be Replaced By Shock Wave Therapy? #Viagra #MensHealth #ErectileDysfunction
4th May: What are the most common #libido killers? 💔 #sexualhealth #sexlife
3rd May: Will the UK sugar tax prevent obesity? 🍫 #sugartax #obesity #Budget2016
2nd May: Is there a link between #IBS and #genetics? Studies seem to think so:
29th Apr: Do you have #stress related #erectiledysfunction?
28th Apr: 10 Facts About #ErectileDysfunction 🐍 #ED #MensHealth
25th Apr: Only 7% of girls are meeting physical activity requirements: 😮
23rd Apr: Using #ehealth #technology and #apps in later life:
21st Apr: What are the most #common #STIs? Some answers may surprise you: 😮
21st Apr: #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty from everyone at HealthExpress 🇬🇧
20th Apr: How #obesity affects your #brain as well as your #health: 🍏 🍩
19th Apr: Will we be seeing #mosquitoes in the #UK?
19th Apr: A wonderful video about depression: #depressionawarenessweek
18th Apr: How exercise can reduce the risk of #BowelCancer #BowelCancerAwarenessMonth #Cancer
15th Apr: #Gardeners live longer & #gardening can deter smoking appaz - get yourselves to the garden centre this weekend! 🌸 🌿
15th Apr: Can you use an #inhaler for a #cough? Quite likely!
13th Apr: #Coffee V #Tea - Which Is Best For Your #Health? #CoffeeAddict #TeaAddict
12th Apr: Incorporate more walking into your day-to-day life: #rambling #powerwalking #exercise
11th Apr: Discover some unexpected #facts about #ED #health #healthfacts
11th Apr: Alarming #diabetes figures shows link between the condition and #obesity:
8th Apr: Low libido? Discover the difference between lack of interest and #HSDD #sexualhealth
6th Apr: Do you have #diabetes, #heartdisease, #COPD or #arthritis? Stay safe! 📢 #medicalert
6th Apr: WHO reports that one in 11 of us has #diabetes. Cases of diabetes have QUADRUPLED since 1980, and those on lower incomes are most at risk.
6th Apr: Keep active and healthy by walking today! #WorldPhysicalActivityDay
6th Apr: BBC news today - Is asthma overdiagnosed? We touched upon this earlier last month - but what else could it be?
5th Apr: All of the facts & myths surrounding #herpes
1st Apr: Why is it so hard to lose weight?
1st Apr: IUS or IUD - which is best? #contraception
31st Mar: Is masturbation helping or harming your ability to get an erection?
31st Mar: New research could explain why losing weight is so difficult:
30th Mar: Masturbation - good or bad for your erections?
30th Mar: Alternative measures to BMI:
29th Mar: Could Artificial Intelligence Transform Healthcare?
29th Mar: IUS vs IUD: Which Is The Best Contraceptive?
28th Mar: 5 ways chocolate can benefit your health: #Easter
27th Mar: Good news - chocolate is good for you! #HappyEaster
25th Mar: 9 ways you might be using condoms wrong:
25th Mar: IUS vs IUD: Which Is The Best Contraceptive? #birthcontrol
24th Mar: What is barrier #contraception & how should you be using it?
24th Mar: Extra benefits of well-known #prescription meds:
23rd Mar: What can Artificial Intelligence do for healthcare?
23rd Mar: New, exciting ways to get more #caffeine into your body:
22nd Mar: 5 ways chocolate promotes good health -
22nd Mar: 9 things to never put in your vagina! -
21st Mar: Why your body will fight against weight loss: #diet
21st Mar: Feel free - ask away! Our CS is on hand, To help solve any issue, small or grand. #WorldPoetryDay
21st Mar: All your pee-related questions: answered
18th Mar: 8 Erection Boosting Foods


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