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5th Dec2018: Time to grab fun by the baubles and get your hands on 500 Joy Points! Just pick the square you think is hiding our… https://t.co/0fGp5lTaWr
3rd Dec2018: Feeling festive? This Bingo call is a piece of cake! Can you work out the clues and get the number? https://t.co/2wn1Wf94Va
3rd Dec2018: Thanks for your entries. Did you find the hidden blue ball? It was under the green gem. A big well done to… https://t.co/4DEOFl1V9p
26th Nov2018: Last week we asked you to #BallsUpAFilm and give your favourite film a Jackpotjoy makeover! This week - one of ou… https://t.co/OvMi5mYoU0
26th Nov2018: Thanks for entering our Follow & Retweet competition. A big well done to @janetbirkin57, we hope you enjoy your pri… https://t.co/uSHLPVyAds
19th Nov2018: Win a tiki-tastic 500 Joy Points! Just tell us which of our Tiki Totems is hiding the blue ball for your chance to… https://t.co/hIcYkQJGTC
16th Nov2018: We’ve got big news - yesterday, one lucky Joyer won a massive £37,902.82 on 90 Ball Bingo! For your chance to be a… https://t.co/REXtrbdquD
14th Nov2018: We love to #GrabFunByTheBalls! Can you spot any of the ball related words in this #WordSearch? https://t.co/bXU0BsSTyl
12th Nov2018: Last time ‘martina87’ grabbed fun by the balls and gave this famous film a Jackpotjoy makeover! Now it’s your turn… https://t.co/0gXXMtgKsN
9th Nov2018: How would you let your friends and family know if you won a £57,253 Jackpot like one lucky Joyer did on our Tiki Is… https://t.co/ANNGV3PxwX
4th Nov2018: Work out how much you want to spend and stick to it. Check out the ‘My Account’ section of https://t.co/7qC8rgQXcu… https://t.co/su5Ggl5RX1
1st Nov2018: Responsible Gambling Week has arrived! Check out our helpful video and tell us which tools you use to help you pl… https://t.co/SvKhaGnxtE
26th Oct2018: Win a goody bag full of prizes and 500 Joy Points to celebrate the launch of our spooky new #Slot, Wild Monsters!… https://t.co/pfdNf5dg8j
17th Oct2018: Trick or Treat yourselves to a brand new #Halloween username! Let us know what you come up with and tweet your Bin… https://t.co/Ha5Xsmyuvw
15th Oct2018: Win a spook-tacular #Halloween Hamper full of prizes! Use the letters to create the longest word you can think of… https://t.co/8zMDTmBEI8
12th Oct2018: If you were to hire your own butler after a £302,381.27 Jackpot win like one of our lucky Joyers had on Tiki Temple… https://t.co/Vtva821RWq
10th Oct2018: Did you guess which character was hiding the blue ball? A big well done to @artistsmum, enjoy your 500 Joy Points! 😀 https://t.co/lbTXmTZD6j
8th Oct2018: Do you see a little silhouette of a character? Take a guess at which one is hiding the blue ball for your chance t… https://t.co/z1t9aRax7t
8th Oct2018: Thanks for your entries Joyers. The jackpot amount was £90,003. A big well done to @chrisutp, enjoy your cash bonus… https://t.co/fFeX5uMvrj
5th Oct2018: Boggle your brain for a £5 Cash Bonus! A huge Jackpot was won on Tuesday. Fancy getting in on the action? Just fol… https://t.co/fRCcZ1c29M
5th Oct2018: Thanks for your entries Joyers! There were 10 golden tickets. A big congrats to @zzpete, enjoy your 500 Joy Points… https://t.co/wuPspYibPW
1st Oct2018: Still not played our a-maze-ing new Crystal Maze Slot game? Zone out with this challenge will get you in the mood!… https://t.co/4ixLvc5q9a
25th Sep2018: Has our brand new Crystal Maze Slot game a-mazed you yet? Before you go and check it out, can you solve this chall… https://t.co/FWDUIlmZLb
24th Sep2018: Did you find all the golden tickets? There were 7. A big well done to @katyjohill, we hope you enjoy our new game! 🙂 https://t.co/lfX5A6A2E8
20th Sep2018: Win a 500 Joy Points prize to try out our new Slot game, The Crystal Maze! Simply count all the golden tickets wit… https://t.co/OGon85PkQj
17th Sep2018: Feeling fruity, or maybe nice and spicy? Everybody loves a snack or ten! Go on, tell us your snack of choice today! https://t.co/1wihqgPwXC
10th Sep2018: Hunt through the tropical plants for the chance to win 500 Joy Points! Pick which square is hiding our blue ball b… https://t.co/uwTxE0Pp7N
7th Sep2018: All of those winners is giving us that #FridayFeeling! But where would you fly off to? https://t.co/ZG5NGnb7QJ
4th Sep2018: We’ve got a tea-rrific £5 Cash Bonus up for grabs! Are you quick enough to spot how many teaspoons appear with a J… https://t.co/6mnodZOETZ
31st Aug2018: One lucky Joyer won a £160,982 Jackpot on our Wonderland Slot game this week! If you won a Jackpot like that, RT o… https://t.co/dzIBpMz5PP
28th Aug2018: Bounce into a new week with 500 Joy Points! Look around the jungle and spot the hidden blue balls for your chance… https://t.co/CoeewSjIuN
23rd Aug2018: Just use some logic for this #Bingo call number, can you guess the answer? https://t.co/OkxUwJyxmn
21st Aug2018: Guess what Joyers? It’s competition time. Win a £50 Amazon Voucher with a simple rhyme! Just write us a poem for… https://t.co/EG0bcSUzQ3
20th Aug2018: 7 Dozen, 84! Did you get our not-so-subtle clue? Congratulations @Jase1989, enjoy your £10 Cash Bonus! https://t.co/NXOgYkYH5c
17th Aug2018: A £10 Cash Bonus could spoon be yours! Catch the clue in the video below and guess the Bingo call number for a cha… https://t.co/vdwkQKigXF
15th Aug2018: Feeling flirty like our ball below? Or maybe you’d rather just play it cool. Tell us which mood you’re in today! 😎 https://t.co/ZrWMe4WxIz
10th Aug2018: We’ve had over 20,780 winners on Jackpotjoy this week. That’s more than our Bingo balls below combined! But which… https://t.co/CURKkxGD4T
9th Aug2018: Thanks to all that entered our #InternationalCatDay competition. A big congrats to @Vetty1Ross, we hope Milo enjoys… https://t.co/m5lpWsMbNK
3rd Aug2018: Grab your favourite song by the balls! #Friyay! Just take a song and replace any word in the title with the word b… https://t.co/wkxH62s7K7
30th Jul2018: Explore Wonderland for the chance to #win 500 Joy Points! Move your phone around to count the blue balls and tell… https://t.co/cBst8qoCQ8
23rd Jul2018: #Win a fantastic £10 Cash Bonus! Count how many blue balls fly out of the ball machine for your chance to be a win… https://t.co/FRuZVZiJEB
16th Jul2018: His Majesty is off to Mexico, arriba! Congratulations @nickykate, enjoy your £5 Cash Bonus! https://t.co/yo270FMg4X
9th Jul2018: Tis the sea-sun to win 500 Joy Points! Find all the blue balls for your chance to #win! With all this summer sun,… https://t.co/aEEKDmOj85
4th Jul2018: Grab fun by the balls and #ReplaceAWordInAFilm with the word ‘balls’! Our new film titles are definitely laugha-b… https://t.co/uZm7p1zMfi
2nd Jul2018: Win an unbelievabubble mystery summer prize! Just tell us which bubble is hiding the blue ball for your chance to… https://t.co/sdXFVEwau9
29th Jun2018: Did you guess the winning combination? It was Blue Blue Blue, what else would it be? ;) Congratulations… https://t.co/AOHuOd5lUV
27th Jun2018: Tap our balls to win 500 Joy Points! Just tap to stop and tell us which colour combination you get. If you get the… https://t.co/WHNRknDVvi
15th Jun2018: Get lost in our space-aged Slot game to discover 500 Joy Points. Move your phone around and count the blue balls h… https://t.co/s4LAmTvfIl
12th Jun2018: Follow & Retweet to #win the Daddy of all hampers for #FathersDay! T&C: https://t.co/7IO3wUgYSJ https://t.co/dnUK9I5tFI
8th Jun2018: Congratulations @helenwiggles - you got our balls inline! Have fun with your 500 Joy Points! https://t.co/vVUhOgvjXU
6th Jun2018: #Win an unbelieva-ball 500 Joy Points! Tap our Jackpot balls and stop them when the stars are facing forwards, the… https://t.co/nuV5OeaNF7
4th Jun2018: Bonjour, and merci to all that took part in our competition. His Majesty popped off to France, congratulations… https://t.co/VaxipfWlv6
23rd May2018: We know just how to jazz up your afternoon! Guess the #Bingo Call number for the chance to #win 500 Joy Points! T&… https://t.co/HtKbEboWwb
18th May2018: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE! In honour of the #RoyalWedding, tweet us a snap… https://t.co/H4B16NyipC
16th May2018: Guess this #Bingo call number for a chance to win a fantastic £5 Cash Bonus. Time to grab fun by the croquet balls… https://t.co/Pw9CiTleZv
11th May2018: Ready for #Eurovision2018? Tweet us with 3 guesses of who you think will win, and 1 of them is right, you could win… https://t.co/ge4bMqoiVD
8th May2018: Have you heard the news? Our brand new Slot game, Horoscope Heroes has landed on Jackpotjoy! If you fancy winning… https://t.co/RQzMkywohP
2nd May2018: This Bingo Call number is so Wok and Roll! Guess what it is for the chance to win 500 Joy Points. T&C:… https://t.co/enVnfztvmI
30th Apr2018: Thanks for your entries. The blue Jackpot ball was hiding under the cherries. Congrats @kirstenc76, we hope you enj… https://t.co/oc3isicdOv
25th Apr2018: Use that #WednesdayWisdom to win a leg-stra great prize! Guess the Bingo Call for a chance to #win 500 Joy Points.… https://t.co/EMPu9UzkqG
23rd Apr2018: Check out the video to find out how many balls landed in the hat! We had one correct answer, congrats… https://t.co/kFaVHuwWZy
18th Apr2018: Our Bingo Calls are tea-rrific! But can you guess what this one is? https://t.co/NKFuv4HPyl
16th Apr2018: Have a ball with our Bingo mini-game! Can you spot the 4 differences from the left side to the right side? https://t.co/y1krjBGVcH
11th Apr2018: This Bingo Call number is a piece of cake! Can you guess what it could be? https://t.co/1y16QkwWhV
6th Apr2018: One lucky Joyer definitely got that #FridayFeeling winning a massive £16,524.28 from a £2.40 wager on 75-ball Bingo… https://t.co/7zOtZNtNfB
1st Apr2018: https://t.co/7PCEI7v5Xq
30th Mar2018: Win a fantastic £5 Cash Bonus! His Majesty has planned a cracking trip over the long #Easter weekend. Before he go… https://t.co/JaFZ0Swwta
23rd Mar2018: We had a huge Progressive jackpot win on our Tiki Temple Slot game this week, a whopping £22,198! If you were a bi… https://t.co/5jZS5jZL8H
23rd Mar2018: Did you guess the Bingo Call? It was Doctors Orders - number 9! Well done @jsbl247, enjoy your 500 Joy Points! 😀 https://t.co/eajEWTDOTf
19th Mar2018: Did you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? @sweetainey did, we hope you enjoy the game and your umbrel… https://t.co/KQXsqtCwdm
16th Mar2018: Tap to stop when the pot of gold reaches the end of the rainbow and screenshot for your chance to win 500 Joy Point… https://t.co/xX9nHkYJhC
14th Mar2018: His Majesty has a £5 Cash Bonus prizes to give away. Guess the Bingo Call number for your chance to win! T&C:… https://t.co/UpxAb1L3wg
12th Mar2018: This teaser from Tiki is sure to wake you up, can you guess the answer? https://t.co/4jXUv2Y9Da
9th Mar2018: Get a spoonful of this! Head over to our Facebook page to take part in our Live egg and spoon race for the chance t… https://t.co/mSsdZ1M4oS
7th Mar2018: Join the buzz and guess this Bingo call number! https://t.co/dw5B3Gqj7e
5th Mar2018: Follow & Retweet to win a special #MothersDay Hamper! T&C: https://t.co/a8vMLta5kI https://t.co/c5zLbKsseN
2nd Mar2018: With easter fast approaching, we’re hoping you’ll crack this! Tell us which egg is different for your chance to wi… https://t.co/kGvNRTrDM6
26th Feb2018: This teaser might drive you coconuts, can you work it out? https://t.co/SUW80NpaKO
26th Feb2018: Congratulations to our winners below! If you see your name, DM us your address and your prize can spoon be yours!… https://t.co/yAxC53Axye
22nd Feb2018: Did you guess the Bingo Call? It was Dancing Queen, number 17. Well done @AllanGarner2012, enjoy your 500 Joy Point… https://t.co/Lm35aDgsaN
21st Feb2018: Dance your way to 500 Joy Points by guessing this Bingo call number. T&C’s apply: https://t.co/B1CeK84RQ2 https://t.co/N1BOE8oGT2
15th Feb2018: Will this Bingo call number ruffle your feathers? Guess the answer below! https://t.co/ielFUbnW51
14th Feb2018: Did you guess A and D? Congrats @janetbirkin, we hope you enjoy playing BangHai! 😀 https://t.co/t7ZBo0vZzx
13th Feb2018: Our new Slot game, BangHai is a cracker, and we’re giving you the chance to win 500 Joy Points to try it out! It’s… https://t.co/YZMVamxEsG
9th Feb2018: How would you celebrate if you won a jackpot on Jackpotjoy? Show us your best GIF! https://t.co/lH3MNDD3Hm
9th Feb2018: Congratulations @icequeenie you quacked the Bingo call number, it was Duck and Dive! Enjoy your 500 Joy Points! https://t.co/2KSD0OX1Fm
7th Feb2018: Have a quack at this Bingo call number. If your guess is right, you could win 500 Joy Points! T&C:… https://t.co/rMvOueTDna
5th Feb2018: This classic teaser might drive you coconuts! Guess the answer below. https://t.co/2AJju6qfY7
2nd Feb2018: Hit this target to unlock a Joy Points surprise! T&C: https://t.co/0HsaXWzcAU https://t.co/QpOYxwzFNf
17th Jan2018: You’ll be jumping at the chance to work out this Bingo call number! Comment your guesses below. https://t.co/J3ZQU77Ts8
17th Jan2018: Congratulations @dirtyh247, you cracked the teaser! Enjoy your 500 Joy Points. https://t.co/NefVoUCmZH
12th Jan2018: Thanks for entering, Joyers. Did you guess the Bingo call? Clickety Click, number 66! Well done @AlisonKostiew, enj… https://t.co/eZNwveLy80
10th Jan2018: Thanks to all that entered our competition. Well done @weezieholmes, enjoy your prize and cash bonus! 😀 https://t.co/x3Gff7malS
8th Jan2018: Slot time for this? Comment with ‘One Armed Bandit’ and your username for a chance to win a novelty small Slot mach… https://t.co/uISMwvscxE
4th Jan2018: Have a sneak peek at crown jewels this week! What comes next? https://t.co/a9V9KyrnlA
4th Jan2018: Follow & Retweet to win a giant luxury chocolate pizza! Thinking of cutting out junk food? Not on our watch! Go o… https://t.co/3JcBXMeHpJ
2nd Jan2018: You’ll walk this bingo call number! Let us know the answer below. https://t.co/rIovDRPF4u
31st Dec2017: It’s almost 2018 and we hope you’ve got your resolutions all sorted! Like this video for a lucky 2018 – you could b… https://t.co/lrZk4GJoqU
28th Dec2017: What bingo call number is this winter warmer? Guess in the comments below for a chance to win! Winners announced o… https://t.co/3E5iOMGo2m
26th Dec2017: There’s a winner every minute on Jackpotjoy and His Majesty is out to meet them. Tell us about a recent win you’ve… https://t.co/P9gvE7qpim
25th Dec2017: Merry Christmas all! We hope you’re having a fab day! We’re up for a few festive laughs so send us a pic of you i… https://t.co/bVrorBzLQr
21st Dec2017: They’re hitting all the right notes in this video – not necessarily in the right order! We’re full of Christmas fu… https://t.co/KOo9LgkNwT
19th Dec2017: Time for a Tuesday teaser with Tiki! Can you solve this one? https://t.co/r1kt7Ya9GF
18th Dec2017: Last chance to get your mitts on these. Make sure you share with your friends, we’re sure they’ll fancy a spoon too… https://t.co/ZOxLL7D942
15th Dec2017: Recognise this royal ruler? Fill in the blanks below! https://t.co/TPY3upy3Ur
13th Dec2017: Seen our new Royal Bolton oven mitt yet? You’re going to glove it! Tag a mate who you think would love it just as m… https://t.co/c1JeCY2skD

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